Linn Henderson

Linn Henderson

Linn Henderson loves archaeology, paleontology, magic, and shamanism. She lives for the weird and has never had as many of those kind of experiences as she wanted to, which is probably for the best. So she settles for creating characters who have the kinds of weird and magical adventures she wishes for, except that they suffer a lot more than she would ever want to.


“Cultivating Love”

Sometimes relationships should die. Sometimes boyfriends should go away — and stay that way. And sometimes an ax makes a better best friend than any diamond.

Includes a sample from The Bee Lady’s Amulet, also by Linn Henderson.

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“The Final Initiation”

Final Initiation

Nikita Stiveson faces her final initiation as a shamaness. To win Haklih, a hunky spirit ancestor who will enhance her sex magic, she must finish her preparations and be at the sacred space in the mountains by moonrise. Sounds easy until the obstacles line up and she runs late.

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“The Seventh Initiation”


Sindal must complete her seventh initiation — confront the husband she ran away from and have her revenge or fail, losing the magic and the spirit lion companion she has earned in the years since her escape from that cruel man.

Contains bonus excerpt from the magical time travel novel, The Bee Lady’s Amulet.

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The Bee Lady’s Amulet

The Bee Ladys Amulet new a

Beware of goddesses bearing gifts — or job offers.
When Melinda Kaibell takes a farewell tour through the archaeological dig where she worked all summer, she meets Askar, a Bronze Age goddess, who tells her she wants Melinda to do a side job for her. The goddess never mentions traveling four thousand years into the past to save the people that worship the goddess, the eruption of Mount Thera that will destroy the Minoan civilization, or that she’ll fall in love with a handsome animal magician she can’t have.

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